What Determines The Price Of A Plastic Injection Mold?

Many customers have asked me what determines the price of a mold? Or “how to find plastic injection molds created for low costs?” So I asked one of our engineers.

The brief answer is, “it all depends.” Tools that are mold can cost anywhere from a few thousand dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars, and the variables are the complexity of size the part and some cavities.

If there are screw segments or undercuts that require molding, http://machiningmold.com/ this needs additional sections to do added to the instrument, which will add cost.

Let us take a look at some and take a dashboard.

To begin with, to mold an item, this is a part and would need a tool. Together with the dimensions, a dash has apertures in addition to a shape with surfaces at many angles that are different and wall thicknesses that are different all. That requires a tool that is complicated.


Every quality that can’t stand made from the mold at the open and closed management will require a part. Some of these segments that were moving are known molds cores and as sliders. Every one of these components increases the cost, needs work and makes the tool larger.

The tool’s purchase price can affect. Then a finish might be acceptable if the surface finish isn’t critical — this doesn’t need secondary thus cutting down the cost and time to make the tool. Polishing must be built into the price of the instrument and takes time and effort.

In regards to price, another factor is the material choice. That can be broken down into the following choices:

  • Rapid tooling steel or Aluminium create a 1000 shots and 100’s
  • Low volume components¬† steel or create approximately 300,000 shots
  • Volume components shots
  • Shots are produced by volume components

The guideline is ‘a volume of parts will require.’

Many businesses opt to have their tooling manufactured in where you can find a cost saving of up of 40 percent compared with a tool cost from the USA or Europe.

Obtaining a tool can save yourself a whole lot of money on the capital expenditure you want to take into account the expenses of traveling numerous times to be sure the machine is built and runs. The payment of this can run into the thousands of dollars.

You can use a third-party company to perform tooling inspections and procedure audits which will offer the feedback.